Terms of use of the Vetup services

The VETUP services belong to the company VETUP whose head office is located at VETUP - 12 Chemin des Prairies n°3 - 83550 Vidauban (FRANCE), Siret : 51280360200022 - Naf : 6201Z - TVA : FR-33 512 803 602 - RCS 512 803 602.

The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions under which VETUP makes available to the veterinary doctors, hereinafter called the "Client", computer tools for the management of a company working in the veterinary sector.

By using VETUP services, you agree to the following conditions. 



Customer's business activity data and animal owner data belong to the Customer. VETUP can not use this data without prior authorization from the Customer.

The company VETUP undertakes to transmit this data at the request of the Customer, in case of termination of the service or for any other reason, within a maximum period of 10 working days. This provision does not apply to free subscriptions.

In case of customer file transmission, the Customer agrees to have acquired this data regularly. 

The computer code for VETUP services is the property of VETUP. Only the Customer's data is the property of the Customer.


VETUP undertakes to implement the appropriate means to guard against the accidental or malicious destruction of data belonging to the Customer, and against the use of such data by third parties without the explicit consent of the Customer.

As far as data protection is concerned, the company VETUP therefore has an obligation of means, which is based on the usual security devices: encryption of the data transmitted by the browser by an SSL protocol, password protecting access to the data , regular backups, server security update. Data backups are not guaranteed for free subscriptions. The backups are carried out daily by the company VETUP and are kept for a period of one month on the hosting system of the company VETUP.

Under no circumstances can VETUP be held responsible for anomalies, bugs or malfunctions of  computer tools made available to its customers, in particular as regards reminders of medical acts intended for the owners of animals or the placing of an order with suppliers of veterinary products.


The data and information entrusted by the Customer to the company VETUP are subject to confidential treatment by the company VETUP. This confidentiality clause covers in particular the computer data and any management information.

The company VETUP is prohibited from communicating the content or content to third parties, whatever they are, unless explicitly requested or agreed by the Client, with the sole exception of requests that would be made by the courts in the framework provided for by law.


The Customer is responsible for sending e-mail, SMS and postal mail messages to natural and legal persons registered in his database, taking into account the rules that apply in this regard in his country and in the country of the recipients of these communications. In general, the sending of transaction type messages (sending invoices, medical reports, estimates, medical information in general ...) does not require the acceptance of the recipient for this type of communication. The Customer is responsible for marketing-type mailings which, in some countries, require the acceptance of this type of communication by the recipient.

Vetup's SMS system is international. The Premium subscription allows to send 100 SMS per month per veterinarian. The packs of 100 additional SMS are charged 9€. SMS has 160 characters. If the Customer's messages exceed this limit, they will still be sent but they will count for 2 or more SMS depending on the size of the text sent.


The request to modify a subscription is to be sent by the Customer to contact@vetup.com and takes effect at the beginning of the following month. Previously billed subscriptions are non-refundable.


VETUP services may be terminated at any time with effect at the beginning of the month following the request. Subscriptions already paid by the Customer are not refundable. The cancellation request must be sent by email to contact@vetup.com. In the trial version, if the Vetup software remains unused for more than 60 days, your account will be archived without the possibility to download your data. For Vetup Basic subscriptions (free), if the Vetup software remains unused for more than 365 days, your account will be archived without the possibility to download your data. In the event of termination of the service, VETUP may provide the Client with a backup of its database upon request by email. In the event that the Customer is not up to date with the payment of his VETUP subscription for more than 30 days, the service will be considered terminated. After termination of the service, the Customer's data will not be kept by VETUP.